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About Us

Every tile tells a story

At EightnCrate, mahjong isn't just a game—it's a way of life. We've dedicated ourselves to perfecting the art of automatic mahjong tables, and our passion for this remarkable pastime fuels everything we do. With each table we craft and each client we serve, we pour our heart and soul into ensuring that your mahjong experience is second to none. Our track record speaks for itself. Having sold over a few thousand automatic mahjong tables, we've touched the lives of countless mahjong enthusiasts, making game nights unforgettable and bonding moments cherished. The resounding reviews and testimonials from our satisfied customers inspire us every day to reach new heights and continuously enhance the world of automatic mahjong.

What sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. We've painstakingly refined our tables to guarantee flawless shuffling, precise tile distribution, and intuitive gameplay. It's a testament to our dedication that EightnCrate tables stand as paragons of performance, convenience, and elegance. But it's not just about business for us; it's about nurturing a vibrant mahjong community that shares our passion. We take pride in seeing players from all walks of life come together, fostering camaraderie, and celebrating the rich traditions of this beloved game. EightnCrate is your partner in this incredible journey.

In our pursuit of mahjong perfection, we've set a standard of excellence that elevates your gaming experience. We invite you to join our ever-growing family of passionate players and experience mahjong like never before. Discover the magic that has made EightnCrate a trusted name in the world of automatic mahjong tables, and let us bring your mahjong dreams to life. Welcome to EightnCrate, where passion meets innovation, and where every tile tells a story.

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